Organic weed killer for all gardens!

I found a great “organic” weed killing product…see the description below.

Herbicidal soap gets rid of weeds fast!

Signature Product Our tests have shown that Weed-Aside works much faster and more thoroughly than similar products. A blend of naturally occurring fatty acids, Weed-Aside kills weeds, then quickly decomposes in the soil. You can sow seed or set out transplants in treated areas five days after application. Weed-Aside:

  • affects only the leaves that it contacts directly, so you can use it around food crops, as well as around flowers and shrubs.
  • controls algae and lichens, broadleaf weeds and annual grassy weeds, wherever they grow.
  • won’t stain brick or paving.

For best results, spray when weeds are actively growing and less than 5″ tall. Works in a few hours to 2 days. (Because Weed-Aside is not a systemic herbicide, it won’t kill most perennial weeds; but multiple applications will suppress their growth.) Mix at a ratio of one part concentrate to five parts water.

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