Organic weed killer for all gardens!

I found a great “organic” weed killing product…see the description below.

Herbicidal soap gets rid of weeds fast!

Signature Product Our tests have shown that Weed-Aside works much faster and more thoroughly than similar products. A blend of naturally occurring fatty acids, Weed-Aside kills weeds, then quickly decomposes in the soil. You can sow seed or set out transplants in treated areas five days after application. Weed-Aside:

  • affects only the leaves that it contacts directly, so you can use it around food crops, as well as around flowers and shrubs.
  • controls algae and lichens, broadleaf weeds and annual grassy weeds, wherever they grow.
  • won’t stain brick or paving.

For best results, spray when weeds are actively growing and less than 5″ tall. Works in a few hours to 2 days. (Because Weed-Aside is not a systemic herbicide, it won’t kill most perennial weeds; but multiple applications will suppress their growth.) Mix at a ratio of one part concentrate to five parts water.

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“7 Great Tips for Huge Tomatoes & Healthy Plants”

I have got 7 great tips for growing the fattest tomatoes, but it takes a little work to coax your tomatoes into really packing on the pounds. First of all, you’ll need to provide your tomato plants with full sun, fluffy soil with plenty of organic matter, lots of space between plants, an inch of water per week, and support (stakes, fence or cages).

Second, wait to mulch until the ground warms up and the tomato plants begin to flower. Third, fertilize every two weeks with a diluted fish emulsion fertilizer, consisting of two tablespoons of fish emulsion to one gallon of water (but be careful not to provide too much nitrogen, or you’ll get a lot of foliage and few fruits).

Once the tomato plants begin to grow, the real training begins. Then, allow only one stem to develop, and pluck off suckers when the plants are very young. Suckers are the sprouts that form between branches and the main stem.

Next, remove all but two or three fruits from each plant. It’s best to eliminate developing fruits at the top of the vine and leave older fruits at the bottom.

After that, prune off tomatoes that develop farthest from the stem and leave one fruit per cluster. Finally, prevent branches from breaking by supporting the tomatoes with pantyhose or yarn when they start to get really big. You will now have a knock out tomato ready to break records.

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