Free Samples – Easy to Boot!

I have just got to tell you how excited I was to find a website that actually is a great sampling website. offers samples, coupons, coupons codes, etc. You don’t have to jump through hoops by saying no to 100 offers. You simply click on the sample you want and fill in the form…that is it!!! I have an autofill program, so it goes extremely fast for me.

They have tons of samples to choose from and lots of coupons besides. They are nice size samples as well. I received a Nature Made sample of Super B-Complex, in which they sent 14 softgels. I expected to receive two or three.

I love to save money and enjoy passing on things like this to everyone I know and meet. So, go save yourself some loot…they allow anyone to link to them…so here it is:

“MySavings is an online community dedicated to bringing together consumers to share money saving tips and offers.

They provide a comprehensive directory of brand name free samples, printable grocery coupons, online coupons, free stuff and freebies, and other discounts and deals so that consumers can save money on products they already buy and sample and discuss which products are right for them and their family.”


Cutworms to be Bad this Year! Household items are a Solution!

Often, the best way to prevent cutworms is by applying cutworm collars to your tomato plants made from household items. These cutworm collars can be made by using stiff paper, toilet or paper towel rolls, 2×6″ newspaper collars, milk cartons, aluminum foil or even carefully cut tin cans. These are great organic ways to be rid of cutworms.

The newspaper can be left in your garden to decay so you don’t have to remove it when the season is over and it is good for your soil. Place the cutworm collars firmly in the soil around the base of the tomato plant and make sure the cutworm collars are at least 2 inches high.

This should help prevent cutworms from climbing tomato plants and causing damage to the tomato plants and other susceptible plants in the garden. If you are not sure what to look for, cutworms are mostly a dark gray with a white stip on either side.

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Happy Gardening from Master Gardener Girl!!