List of Homemade Organic Recipes

Homemade Horticultural Oil spray recipe

1 tablespoon vegetable cooking oil and 1 teaspoon of NON-DEGREASING liquid dishwashing detergent per gallon of water

Potassium bicarbonate Fungicide

Mix 4 teaspoons (about 1 rounded tablespoon) of potassium bicarbonate into one gallon of water. Spray lightly on foliage of plants afflicted with black spot, powdery mildew, brown patch and other fungal diseases. Potassium bicarbonate is a good substitute for baking soda. There are commercial EPA registered as well as generic products available.

Baking Soda Fungicide
Mix 4 teaspoons (about 1 rounded tablespoon) of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of horticultural oil into one gallon of water. Spray lightly on foliage of plants afflicted with black spot, powdery mildew, brown patch and other fungal diseases. Avoid over-using or pouring on the soil. Potassium bicarbonate is a good substitute for baking soda. Citrus oil and molasses can be used instead of horticultural oil.

Vinegar Fungicide
Mix 3 tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar in one gallon of water. Spray during the cool part of the day for black spot on roses and other fungal diseases. Adding molasses at 1 tablespoon per gallon will again help.

Compost tea
Manure compost tea is effective on many pests because of certain microorganisms that exist in it naturally. Here’s how to make compost tea at home. Use any container but a plastic bucket is easy for the homeowner. Fill the 5-15 gallon bucket half full of compost and finish filling with water. Let the mix sit for 10-14 days and then dilute and spray on the foliage of any and all plants including fruit trees, perennials, annuals, vegetables and roses, and other plants, especially those that are regularly attacked by insects or fungal pests. It’s very effective for example on black spot on roses and early blight on tomatoes. How to dilute the dark compost tea before using depends on the compost used. A rule of thumb is to dilute the leachate down to one part compost liquid to four to ten parts water. It should look like iced tea. Be sure to strain the solids out with old pantyhose, cheese cloth, or row cover material. Add two tablespoons of molasses to each gallon of spray for more power. Add citrus oil for even greater pest killing power.

Cornmeal Juice
Cornmeal Juice is a natural fungal control for use in any kind of sprayer. Make by soaking horticultural cornmeal in water at one cup per gallon of water. Put the cornmeal a nylon stocking bag to hold in the larger particles. The milky juice of the cornmeal will permeate the water and this mix should be sprayed without further diluting. Cornmeal Juice can be mixed with compost tea, Garrett Juice or any other natural foliar feeding spray.

Garlic Pepper Tea
To make garlic/pepper tea, liquefy 2 bulbs of garlic and 2 hot peppers in a blender 1/2 to 2/3 full of water. Strain the solids and add enough water to the garlic/pepper juice to make 1 gallon of concentrate. Use 1/4 cup of concentrate per gallon of spray. To make garlic tea, simply omit the pepper and add another bulb of garlic. Add two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses for more control.

Garrett Juice (ready to spray)
My recommended basic organic foliar spray is available commercially.
Or you can make your own. Mix the following ingredients in a gallon of water.

1 cup manure based compost tea
1 ounce molasses
1 ounce natural apple cider vinegar
1 ounce liquid seaweed

For more fertilizer value, add 2 oz. liquid fish.

For disease and insect control add:
¼ cup garlic tea or
¼ cup garlic/pepper tea
or 1 ounce of orange oil

For homemade fire ant killer add:
2 ounces of citrus oil per gallon of Garrett Juice

Garrett Juice Concentrate
The ready-to-use solution should not have more than 2 ounces of orange oil per gallon.

1 gallon Compost Tea
1 pint Cider Vinegar
1 pint Liquefied Seaweed
1 pint Blackstrap Molasses

Mix all ingredients together. For spraying, use 1 ½ cups of concentrate per 1 gallon of water.
*1 pint = 2 cups = 16 ounces

Making Compost

A compost pile can be started in sun or shade at any time of the year. Good ingredients include leaves, hay, grass clippings, tree trimmings, food scraps, bark, sawdust, rice hulls, weeds, nut hulls and animal manure. Mix the ingredients together in a container of wood, hay bales, hog wire, concrete blocks or simply pile the material on the ground. The best mixture is 75-80% vegetative matter and 20-25% animal waste, although any mix will compost. The ingredients should be a mix of coarse and fine-textured material. Avoid having all the pieces of material the same size since the variety of sizes will help air to move through the pile. Oxygen is a critical ingredient. Turn the pile at least once a month; more often speeds up the process. Keep the pile moist, roughly the moisture of a squeezed-out sponge, to help the living microorganisms thrive and work their magic. Compost is ready to use when the ingredients are no longer identifiable. The color will be dark brown, the texture soft and crumbly and the aroma that of a forest floor. Use compost in all bed preparation and as a high quality mulch around annuals and perennials.

Toenail Fungus Treatment
What has been reported to me by a listener is to put ½” of cornmeal in a flat pan that’s large enough to get your feet in. Add enough warm water to cover the feet and soak over an hour. The Alliance Pond Cleaner cornmeal product might be the best choice because of its fine texture. Soak feet for over an hour. More than one treatment may be needed. See Cornmeal for additional information.

Tree Trunk Goop
Mix 1/3 of each in water and paint on trunks: diatomaceous earth, soft rock phosphate, manure compost. Paint onto cuts, borer holes or other injuries on trunks or limbs. Reapply if washed off by rain or irrigation.

134 Responses

  1. bed bugs insecticide?

    • We got rid of bed bugs problem in Karachi in 2011 by doing the following:
      Take 7 cups of Neem leaves.
      Grind them with 3 pcs of cloves, 750 gm chillies, 100gm turmeric, 100 gm garlic, and 100 gm ginger.
      Slowly boil them on low heat setting for 20 mins in 6 litres of H2O.
      Strain & let it cool down before mixing ACV, about 1/2 tsp.
      Spray twice a day.
      This recipe also worked wonders with local ant problem.
      This dynamite of a solution literally devastated bed bugs, by Lords Grace, in 7 days.
      If Neem leaves are not available, then neem oil can be used but don’t boil it with other ingredients, make solution first then after it’s cooling off, mix about 7 tsp in it.
      Always shake well before spraying.

      • That bedbug recipe sounds like a cure for alzheimers, cancer and heart problems – except the neem 🙂

      • Whats AVC

      • ACV= Apple Cider Viniger

      • yes sir, minus neem, the above recipe given by Mr. Zaidi can help cancelling out Heart, Liver, Cancer problems, but at the same time can also give Ulcers if taken in large quantities. Recommended consumption is just a couple of table spoons. twice a day, mixed in a large glass of water.
        This, to my surprise, concoction is quite common in northern parts of Pakstan & maybe even India.
        During my trip towards Chitral, Hunza, and Baltistan, I found the people Kipling wrote about & their mind boggling health & longitivity.
        Maybe this very concoction used along with huge amounts of appricots & its seeds consumption & great moods is the basic reason behind their healthy longitivity? Maybe.

      • I need a fungicide to rub on after I take leaf cuttings!? Thanks

  2. The recipes are simple to understand and easy to make.


  3. Is there any organic insecticide to drive away grasshopper ?
    They are very destructive and the chemical insecticide raised my concern of health and environment problems.

    • Yes, Grasshoppers do not like cilantro. Many organic gardeners use cilantro as a barrier crop. You could also try neem oil if it is really bad.

      Or, use Garlic Oil Spray:
      To make: Combine 3 ounces of minced garlic cloves with 1 ounce of mineral oil. Let soak for 24 hours or longer. Strain.
      Next mix 1 teaspoon of fish emulsion with 16 ounces of water. Add 1 tablespoon of castile soap to this.
      Now slowly combine the fish emulsion water with the garlic oil. Kept in a sealed glass container this mixture will stay viable for several months. To use: Mix 2 tablespoons of garlic oil with 1 pint of water and spray.

      • What about using cilantro essential oil? Maybe a couple of drops to a gallon of water plus a tablespoon of Castile soap to help to emulsify the oil and water?

    • Spray raw milk. The grasshoppers are their because the soil is sick.


    • a nebraska farmer used diluted milk spray on grass field to drive away all grasshoppers….also molasses will kill or move them out (but early in season when they are hatching and small) about 3 oz to gal of water and it will kill grown hoppers…probably sugar content did it…both products will make for a greener field…

  4. Can you use any type of cornmeal for the nail fungus treatment?

    • Yes you can use regular corn meal, sprinkle of good amount to cover the bottom of your soaking pan ( what ever you use to soak your feet ) and then add enough warm water to cover your feet. Soak for 40 minutes and use as often as needed. If the toe nail fungus is bad you may need to do it daily for at least a week each day to start off. Then 2-3 times a week after. It does help.

    • Any type, I use regular corn meal. Don’t have to use a name brand either.

  5. Is there something organic I could try for controlling red ants? They seem to be everywhere in my garden and love to bite me. I have tried Cinnamon oil on me to prevent bites, but it is no longer working. Any suggestions are welcome. I am getting to the point where I would try anything!

  6. Try cloves. Throw it all over your garden. The ants do not like it and it is no harmfull to your plants.

  7. I rescue standard poodles for the State of Nevada and all throughout the State ….. I need an organic pesticide that will destroy roaches and ants (when they come out next month) One of my standard poodles got sprayed in the eyes with Permitherin (from a pesticide company) and is blind.

    I will never have a company again (even in the front yard) I do need your help as soon as possible so I can start the process before I see the roaches and ants…. Thanks is not enough!

    Jan Sheets

    • So sorry about the blind poodle, to help restore his vision try CARNOSINE EYE DROPS, it is known to help humans and animals by clearing the opacity of the lenses. Good luck!

  8. I need a pesticide that will destroy roaches and ants in Las Vegas, Nv. One of my standard poodles was blinded by permitherin by a pest control company. I never want to use a pesticide company again as you have no control over what they use and the awful damage done to animals! Can you please tell me the best homemade remedy that is most powerful but will not hurt the standard poodles ….? Thanks so very much

    • use diatomaceous earth. Search it online and it will give you a wealth of information. It is totally organic and you can use it directly on your dogs and their bedding.

    • i have used neem oil dissolve in dishwashing liquid like joy and dilute to luke warm water, i made solution with teaspoon neem oil and two teaspoon joy dihwashing liquid and dilute with luke warm water to make 32 oz solution and mix well and spray in 4 hours, first start use every day for aweek to 10 days and then you will notice the diffrence and then you can reduce the spray every other day and then use your judgement. you can increase the concentration of neem oil to two tea spoon and try out. good luck.

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  10. i am an agroconsultant trying to convers few farmers to become organic cultivators.need your help and ideas

  11. i am attracted by your informations kindly be in regular touch with me ihj the mission of organic farming

  12. Help, does anyone have an organic recipe for a powerful spray to kill plum curculio bugs on our fruit trees.They seem to come in overnight every summer and can literally strip a tree of the leaves and fruit, there are so many that they actually weigh the branches down on our cherry tree, and the ground around is also covered, last summer they were also on the plants in my perennial garden, want to be armed for them this year. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

    • Lisa , did you find a solution to those bugs on your fruit trees , they look like some kind of beetle.?

  13. Our tomato plants are curling up since I have planted them, no blooms. Can you tell me what I need to do to help them. Someone said do a Bio-Wash ( which I can not find ) and the wash could be made with Lemon Joy liquid soap. Please help a frustrated gardener Thanks.

    • i used a new recipe this year and love it…..2 cups bonemeal 1/2 cup epsom salt 4 dozen clean eggshells crushed, and 14 asprins crushed….top dress every 2 weeks with 1/2 a cup per plant

  14. I like Gardens Alive’s Escargo as we have an insane PILLBUG problem. It’s the only stuff I’ve found effective to keep their and earwigs’ populations in check so my seedlings survive to produce. (I’ve tried everything else I’ve seen to solve the problem–aside from the nasty chemicals.) Slugs are like no big deal, even in the lettuce patch, but the pillbugs…a 100 sq. foot bed of happily sprouting beans will be chewed to death by morning without the baits!
    However, the cost, even buying with the $40/$20 sales is killing us. Anyone know how to make an iron phosphate-based bait at home? (The green pellets are very attractive to pillbugs. I’ve literally seen them turn from a yummy bean sprout they were heading for and beeline for a pellet placed near them.)

    • Pillbugs. ugh! I use Diatomaceous Earth and it works great. I puff it on the ground regularly while waiting for my beans to germinate.

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  16. It seems that potassium bicarbonate is a good organic fungicide but I cannot find any except commercially (8 oz + shipping is $28.) Do you know where I could locate some? I live in Alabama. Thanks.

  17. Grateful to find your site, while searching nontoxic dormant oil recipes! I’m not sure what “non-greasing” dishwashing “deterent” is exactly. We use stuff like Ecover or Seventh Generation dws. Wood this suffice? Thanks!

  18. Thanks for sharing your organic recipes. I find the garlic pepper tea a bit scary though. What does it taste like?

  19. Hello – I am looking for a natural fungicide specific to Septoria Lycopersici for my tomatoes. Will the baking soda solution or the vinegar solution work for that? Thanks

  20. Can you name a single non-degreasing dishsoap. Because I have searched the internet and no body can name a single one.

    • Dawn is a degreasing one, so I would think anything gentle and not harsh like the very cheap stuff or the natural organic dish soap would be a non degreasing one.

      • Best to use a Castile-based soap. Castile soap is made with natural oils (i.e., olive, hemp, jojoba, etc.) rather than with animal fats or mineral oil. Natural oils act as humectants which retain natural internal moisture by drawing it from the air. You can buy it online by googling “Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap”. You can also purchase a very excellent formulation of Castile soap from

    • Dr. Bonner’s Castille soap is great for insecticidal soap. I also use ivory liquid soap.

    • Dr. Bronners organic oils soap, Target has it or whole foods.

  21. under tree trunk goop: “mix 1/3 of each”…but which ‘each’?

  22. want ur good suggestions

  23. My sister knows I’m terrified of crickets or it’s a grasshopper she got one why I was on my bed threw it in my room and I dont know where it is and it’s huge so there always in my basrment where I sleep and there so creepy and scary and they jump to reared me help.

  24. I used a mixture of clove bud oil and witchazel or water a few days ago on rose of sharon trees that had mites and some type of hairy fungus on unopen petals. it seems to have worked. I also used it on my son’s dog when it was covered in seed ticks. I used several other things but I credit the clove oil with killing the ticks and healing her bites.

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  32. I live in S. Texas. My roses seem to get bugs & blight every season. I tried your recipe for bug repellent and I hope it works! I will keep you posted. I do want to thank you for any info you so graciously gave. I will try the fungicide recipe in a couple of days, don’t want to shock them, to much to soon!

  33. I’m curious as to why there are two forms of fungicide listed here. One (baking powder, which is alkaline) and ACV, which is acid. What is the reasoning behind the two different recipes?

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  37. Can anyone recommend specific a non-degreasing dish washing liquid? I’m having the hardest time finding one…even at my local whole foods. Thank you!!

    • I’ve read that Murphy’s Oil Soap is good to use.

      • I like your idea of road trip on a budget! Enjoying the beauty of nature isn’t always have to be exeepsivn. We just need to be creative and to learn how to make happy in our own simple way of achieving happiness.

      • Hi Ben – thanks so much for sharing that link. It REALLY hammers home some important points I’ve been thinking about, such as getting to a point where I’m LIVING my values and beliefs. It’s a big leap from saying that work-life balance is essential, to actually taking the steps to achieve that balance! Again, thanks for sharing 🙂

  38. Ivory liquid has been recommended for years for organic sprays and it seems to work

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  60. i have a black dotted fungus on my soursop leaves. any suggestions?

  61. I have some kind of fungus growing between my pane glass and window frame any easy home remedies for this?

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  71. […] List of Homemade Organic Recipes | Master Gardener … – Yes, Grasshoppers do not like cilantro. Many organic gardeners use cilantro as a barrier crop. You could also try neem oil if it is really bad…. […]

  72. […] List of Homemade Organic Recipes | Master Gardener … – Yes, Grasshoppers do not like cilantro. Many organic gardeners use cilantro as a barrier crop. You could also try neem oil if it is really bad…. […]

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