About Stacey

My awards at the Fair.
Awards at the Fair.

I grew up on 5 acres in Missouri and naturally, we had a large garden in order to feed all of us (Mom, Dad, and three high metabolism kids). That means every year we helped mom plant, weed, and harvest the garden. But of course it is more appealing when you are making your own beautiful garden versus helping your mom pull some weeds. Now that I’m grown with a family and 30 acres of my own, I have learned lots of things my mom never taught me or she didn’t know.  That is why I began blogging.

I wanted to make this blog a site full of great hints, tips, and how-tos that will help you in your own quest for a beautiful space. I’ve experimented with greenhouses, composting, mulching, landscaping, vegetables, varieties of fruit, raised beds, and a whole lot of other stuff.  This blog will be my journal of my experiments as well as my knowledge and hopefully there will be some useful information that you can use in your own garden.  I certainly wanted to make sure you know where I buy my products, because let me be the first to tell you that I am one of the most thrifty people that I know.

So in a nutshell, that’s the deal with this blog.  I hope you learn lots from me.

I am a Master Gardener and is am very proud to be volunteering to help others. I truly enjoy gardening as it is food for the soul. I have a one acre vegetable garden, small vineyard, 21-tree orchard, several flower beds, and a rose garden.  I raise my own seedlings for planting in April and May with my own heirloom seeds that I save from year to year.

I am currently working on my Masters degree in Professional Accounting in Taxation. Tax preparation is what I do when I am not gardening.

The links I place on my site are ones that I myself buy from. After constant research, I finds good deals and enjoy sharing those deals with everyone I know.  I enjoy saving money and finding the best products out on the market.  Stick with me and I will help you do just that.

As Always, Happy Gardening!!

Master Gardener Certification

Reserve Champion at Local Fair

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  1. Hey, Stacey, I wanted you to know I have used your heirloom tomato article frim ezines.com. Nice article and very informative.

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