Slimey Slugs – Controlling Slugs Organically

Are some of your vegetable plants and flowers being badly damaged by slugs. Do you think you should replace them in the fall or is there still a chance the flowers might come back next year? How can you control slugs organically?

Most perennials have reasonably hardy constitutions, so I wouldn’t give up on them yet. If you can control further slug damage, the roots should be able to generate new foliage this year. There are several ways to miminize slug damage. You can hand pick the slugs off of the plants.

Sometimes, you may not see them. In that case you can also use beer traps, or surround your plants with copper as a slug barrier. The slugs won’t cross the barrier as their “slime” reacts with the copper, giving them an electric shock. There are also iron-phosphate-based slug baits that safely and effectively control these pests. Some just dump salt on them. Your choice!

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