8 Steps to Successful Gardening—Step 8 Visiting

The eighth step is to visit your garden regularly. Spending a measly 10 minutes a day wandering around your lawn and garden like inspector 12 is all you need to do. I like to inspect my garden while enjoying a cup of coffee. Bonding with your plants is priceless and you might stop and pull a few weeds while you’re at it. You may also notice a plant needing water or notice a huge tomato worm devouring your favorite tomato plant. The more in touch you are with your garden, the better gardener you shall be.

Dealing with those little things each day keeps you from getting overwhelmed or frustrated because you are spending quality weekend time working in your garden. In fact, you may discover that by tending to your garden often and on a daily basis keeps it from being an obnoxious chore.

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Happy Gardening from the Master Gardener Girl!!


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