8 Steps to Successful Gardening—Step 2 Composting

The second step is to start a compost pile. Whether you choose to build a compost bin out of 2×4’s or simply have a pile away from your house, make sure you put it in a sunny place and water accessible. What better way is there to be rid of all your kitchen scraps (not fatty items) then to make gold for your garden? You will actually be surprised at how easy it really is.

You can take an ice cream tub with a lid and handle to hold all your daily compost. When it is full, then take it out to your pile and dump. Spreading a thin layer over your garden or flower beds at least once a year will bring you tons of joy as well as for your plants. Mix it with your soil when planting or apply it as a top dressing to lawns and container plants. Compost can also be used as a compost tea for a fertilizer.

If you don’t want to make a compost pile, you can always buy compost in bags or in bulk. Your local city or parks department will generally sell it in bulk as do nurseries. Bags of compost may be bought from farmers’ coops or your local feed store.

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Happy Gardening from the Master Gardener Girl!!


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