5 Ways to Support Pole Beans

Do you know the best way to support your pole beans? Gardeners can use several methods to support their pole beans. Several stakes or bamboo poles leaned together in a teepee style with twine or heavy wire at the top to hold them together is an option.

Another way is to turn tomato cages upside down, or an old stepladder. For a fence type, you can use cattle panels, hog fence, chicken wire or even the cheap plastic fence. Sturdy posts are needed to support the fence. The choice is yours as to what is available to you.

You could also plant your pole beans the Three Sisters way, which is planting pole beans with corn and squash, called “three sisters planting”. The corn provides support for the beans, while the beans provide nitrogen for the corn. At the same time, the squash covers the ground keeping out the weeds. This method is also great for those who use square foot gardening.

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